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Michael Raphael
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I'm a (check at the top of the profile) years old artist. I was summoned on the 21st of 1994's November. I'm interested in the digital arts and gaming industry. I game a lot. I love watching gaming podcasts such as Bonus Round, Invisible Wall and EpicBattleCry and also keeping in touch with all the gaming news. I'm also a gadget whore.

My main purpose here is to improve as much as possible!

Something else I enjoy doing is being part of the dA community and visit the profiles of many deviants here. This way I can discover lots of awesome artists I can learn a lot from. On this journey I always take my time giving a llama to each account I visit symbolizing a 'Thumbs up!', 'Keep it up!' or 'Welcome on dA!'. :aww:
I'm aware of your gratitude. That makes me happy and I'd like you to know you're all welcome! It's all my pleasure to cheer you, guys.

I may not reply to all your comments, but I always read them and I'm doing my best in getting the necessary time to reply. :thanks:

Enjoy your staying on my profile! Thank you all for all of your support! I truly appreciate it! =D


What are these? by AW08
What are these?
In preparation for a trying out a new coloring style I needed something to work on so here's the sketch. 
If anyone's interested, uncensored version is up on Patreon. :) 

Might scrap it later. 

BEGROOM: Haruno Sakura (Naruto) vs. Konan (Naruto) [Winner will be posted on dA] 

58 deviants said Konan
37 deviants said Haruno Sakura

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#1 - eAW08 - Kuende, GTA Online Rant and WIPs

Greetings, fellow watchers!

Boy, did I take my time with it...

KUENDE copy by AW08

After a few good hours of coding, now I came to the part where I struggle to put in order all the things that happened on my side up to this very moment, so make yourself comfortable, because you are in for a looong ride. Hehe, hope I didn't scare you. Not that I could do anything about it, to be honest, BUT... long story short longer, let's get started!

First and most important thing that happened recently, and in fact right in this very moment, today is the release of KUENDE™! What is KUENDE™ you ask me. KUENDE™ is a fantastic web application which aspires doing what no other social network has done up to this moment. It needs time and patience, but lots of neat features are bound to happen as soon as we receive the necessary funds. The funds we got so far already helped us build the most basic features of the website (ChatSocial ProfilesNewsfeedPhoto Albums, etc.) and in just a few days we gathered almost 1000 users only via organic promotion (no money were invested in any marketing campaign, but we have huge plans for promoting it at a large scale in Romania, where this project started) and these were all just a couple of invites we sent out, each user having the possibility of inviting more friends. And the community keeps on increasing its members number. Tons and tons of joyous people signing up on Kuende for accounts and enjoying what we kept tinkering for 3 years long. It's so fascinating to see something you've worked on for so long see the light of day. We had so many bumps in the road, it'd simply take me forever to explain just how much shit we had to swallow before reaching this point. But it ain't as if the shitload of shit is going to be any lesser from now on. No, my lads. We're in for some legit adventure from now on and forever as we engaged in something really, really big. And it is! 

10479034 429581727200273 3117579041040705352 N by AW08

Now, who exactly is ''WE''? I will explain. :) This project was started long ago in Romania by Antohe Pavel and Cătălin Ceacu three years ago with the intention of repaying the users for their online activity. When they started they never fathomed the idea of turning it into the Next Facebook, as many are calling it... for understandable reasons, although the ''Facebook component'' is only a very small part of what KUENDE™ aims to deliver. The social aspect of KUENDE™ is a very small similarity it has with Facebook. I only got to meet them only after one year of many plans written down on notebooks had happened via an excellent and extraordinary friend of mine - Darian. He introduced me to Pavel as he was seeking for a web designer (which out of all things, I definitely wasn't) and so I got involved with their ideas. It's very beautiful how things kept on transforming overtime and from a simple and basic idea we've reached a place so much different we never expected to reach. 

So here we are today, launching  KUENDEOpen Beta for everyone to join us and have fun with our constantly growing platform. We are very eager to receive your feedback so don't hesitate to leave your impressions on the Kuende Support Activity! And while you're at it you can even search for music and make your own playlist of songs. Go ahead and do so! It's really cool! :D 

It may not work from the get go, because in the course of today we're going to deploy the latest updates, but keep trying until you access the landing page shown in the screenshot above.

And once you get your Social Profile up and going make sure you invite your friends to join as well and friend me up - search for Mihnea Rafailescu. :D 

The shame is big with this one...

Due to intense and massive preparations for the KUENDEOpen Beta release I barely had any time for my own art, but I still got to put together a few shades here and there on my forever ongoing upcoming epic masterpiece
1 by AW08
But despite this, I get to put tons of effort, fun and joy on the university assignment, which I plan to work really hard on in the following three weeks since we're having a short Easter vacation, and although the deadline is May 12th, I don't want to hurry things up in the last moment and I'll just have it done ahead of time. :) Here are some bits of what I'm preparing: 

Defense-Mode by AW08 Assault-Mode by AW08 
Sk1 by AW08 Sk2 by AW08 Sk3 by AW08
 Sk4 by AW08 Sk5 by AW08 Sk6 by AW08 

There are also some drawings I just forgot to post and I feel so ashamed about it so I'll just have one of them lay here for a while:

1 by AW08 
This was done for our investor. Today isn't only the day we're launching the KUENDEOpen Beta, but is also his Birthday!

They keep coming - I keep drawing!

Some of you are used with the work I do for Shinoda-Kusanagi (former Rtenzo ) and riv3th3d (I've also done a small bunch of colorings for Zeartist ). There are tons on the pipeline coming up for them on their accounts. If you want to stay in touch with my artistic activity regarding them keep an eye on their accounts. But despite this recently I had the pleasure to be commissioned some really neat works of art that are coming real soon and will be posted shortly. 

Although my new price list has been made, I still haven't got the chance to make something beautiful and personalized out of it, but for all I care you can have a look here to what it looks like - keep in mind these prices are 30% cheaper than what they used to be (I also need to mention for my recent clients that they were charged after these prices and this list that is being posted now was made 2-3 months ago): 

6/8/10 - first character
4/6/7 - additional character
4/6/7 - detailed apparel
9/12/14 - first character
6/8/10 - additional character
4/6/7 - detailed apparel
4/6/7 - simple background
6/8/10 - detailed background
11/15/17 - first character
8/11/13 - additional character
6/8/10 - detailed apparel
16/22/25 - first character
11/15/17 - additional character
9/12/14 - detailed apparel
9/12/14 - simple background
14/19/22 - detailed background
22/30/34 - first character
11/15/17 - additional character
9/12/14 - detailed apparel
30/40/46 - first character
16/22/25 - additional character
11/15/17 - detailed apparel
11/15/17 - simple background
19/26/29 - detailed background
38/51/58 - first character
22/30/34 - additional character
14/19/22 - detailed apparel
48/64/73 - first character
30/40/46 - additional characte

I only recently started saving to the newly released Cintiq Companion 2 so any commission you could throw at me is more than appreciated. I even made a progress pic I keep updating as I gather more and more funds for it: 

1 by AW08

Yep, so coming up soon and currently in them works is a fancy illustration for Catgirldstr11 featuring her OC and some hot and sexy Tsunade for Kudos707 .

Going through changes...

Let's recapitulate! 

What is Patreon? - Easy. I suppose you are all already familiar with what websites like Kickstarter are. Patreon is a crowd funding website, just like them. Only, there's one major difference: here you are supporting theindividual creator.

Why are you here, Michael?  - I'm making sure I can keep on delivering quality art to you, my followers. It's such a beautiful thing to have a hobby when you're young and no one is bugging you about it. But for me, this is not only a hobby. It's something I want to costantly do. I want to live off of it. Jobs are quite hard to find and I don't want to resort to something that would deprive me completely of working on my art, in order to sustain myself financially. That'd be quite a shame. Therefore, if you like my art, please consider supporting me. 

What do I get from supporting you? - Exclusive illustrations that are either too special or too sexy to be posted elsewhere. I'll keep them coming and keep them awesome, just the way you like. At times I'll be throwing in some freebies for a limited amount of time including full-res files, sketches and what nots, so if you are supporting me, keep an eye out for those.

redHOT - Samui by AW08

Now that we've got that out of the way, there were some changes going on with my Patreon. Made it much simpler with 2  pledges instead of hundreds of them as it follows: 

$1 or more a month This will grant you access to pretty much anything available on the other social platforms I'm active on and represents your sympathy towards me and your honest support, which I wholeheartedly appreciate. Any sum bigger than that is more than welcomed and keeps me going. 

$20 or more a month - This will get you access to special illustrations that are either censored on the other social websites I'm on or simply having them exclusive here for a period of time or forever... But in most cases It's something really sexy, hehe. 

Again, any sum bigger than the assigned one is more than welcomed and helps me a lot. :) 

BEGROOM - Hinata by AW08BEGROOM - Ino by AW08BEGROOM - Tatsuki by AW08

In order to support my campaign I already started two series - BEGROOM & redHOT - planning some neat exclusive entries only for Patreon. But aside these two series I'm thinking of making other interesting illustrations as well, so keep an eye out. 

Developumento no gaimu da!

I have a HUGE rant coming up in this section, but first let's start with something much more exciting than me bitching about things I can't control.

Not much of you know I am currently developing my first game ever together with 3 other extremely talented artists and programmers and also colleagues in the Uni course. Might be a working title, but at this moment it goes by the name of Pocket Pantheon and it's pretty much a God of War side scroller pixel game with a twist and cool mechanics. We're aiming quite high with it and we're sure we can deliver it. You can see here two of the animations I've done for the main character, The Gladiator

Walking by AW08 Unarmed-attack by AW08 

Got that of the way, too. Let's get to the rant. I have no idea how I waited/written this long and was able to contain my nerves, because I so need to smash my brains with rage. SO. There you have it. Rockstar Games finally introduced the long awaited Heists into GTA Online altogether with massive server issues that went as far as to even break the single player experience where cars no longer took the damage they used to and graphics were downgraded. Before continuing I need to explain what Heists so that you understand why my experience has been so frustrating with them.

Just like in Story Mode, each heist needs a few setup missions where you get all the stuff needed for the big move, the finale, the cherry on top the cake, the sex, the smex, THE HEIST! In GTA Online this translates not as a playlist of missions, unless you want to and do it with your friends, which is very, very recomandable, unless you are me and besides having very few friends with PS4 they are all scattered across the whole globe and we never get to play in the same time due to timezones. DavidGetsuga knows very well what I'm on about. So, in order to start planning heists and stuff you need to be at least level 12  and own a high-end apartment where you have a designated room for heists with a big ass map and PCs that are all for the looks and you can't interract with them outside the Heist context, except for the PCs. The idea is that your aim would be to do all these heists in order, one by one, to be able to unlock new vehicles that cannot be obtained in any other way. For instance you've got a heavily armored Kuruma vehicle that unless others fire at you missile launchers there is no way you can get any bullet into your body or a freaking truck with a turret in its back that can shoot anywhere you please. These things sound freaking awesome. But you have to do all these heists in order to obtain them. The catch is that only the one who launches the setup missions and heists, the host, has their progress saved. If I join the setup and heist missions of other players in the exact same order, that doesn't count for me. Now the other catch is that you can't do these missions with less than FOUR persons as each setup/heist assigns each player their roles and the whole thing is very focused on a high and skilled level of cooperation. The third catch is that... should anyone die and run out of lives, the whole thing ends. It just doesn't care you spent more than an hour on a setup/heist (because these missions are some long bitch ass missions you hear me?). It goes into the abyss and you have to start the whole setup/heist from the beginning. So you might ask me what's the deal? What's hard about it? You are justified to find my attitude wrong if you never got through what I did, therefore I will explain this, too. *presses ENTER*

The first weeks after the heists were introduced the servers were fried.  The first setups I did, luckily for me, have gone just fine. No interruptions, no errors. I entered them, waiting for players to join my lobby and kept doing setups one by one until I reached the heist finale. You have it on your whiteboard which setups you did and which you didn't. I take it that you can do them in any order you want to, but for each heist you must do them all - again, it is the heists that need to be done in order, because you see, this whole thing is also like a story and all the animations and cutscenes are really neat. But here comes the part that exhausted me mentally. I'm the kind of guy that cares a lot for the story of a game, doesn't matter it's bad or not. I'm just interested in the whole narrative. I'm obsessed with it. I want to know everything about it, because to me, that's the heart of the game. What angers me the most is that due to, at least in the beginning, server issues, and then later on, people being fucking stupid - so stupid I would never allow them to ever afford dying - it was almost impossible for me to progress through the heists. The following are my experiences:

- I used to wait 40-50 minutes and at times even more than an hour to get people to join my lobby so I could get the mission started. It's unbearable to see people not having the patience to wait for others and it was even more maddening to see how right when the 2nd player left the lobby the 3rd one would appear and in the end they'd leave, too, because they, as well, we're thinking no one is joining this session and is a waste of time. So joyous and marvelous were the moments when I'd get all the people I needed and start the mission, but even then there were problems - mostly server problems - that forfeited my mission and thrown the hours I waited for the lobby to get filled to the trash bin. 

- The above experience focused on dramatic server issues and the lack of a Matchmaking system which was recently added together with server issues and it is just so much easier for players to find my lobby and quickly get on to the job. The problems above have all been solved and I can play these setups in minutes after launching the invitations. But here is the other problem I was talking about and unless Rockstar Games also have a secret lab working on fixing human brains, I'm sure as hell there's no chance they could ever address the issue of people being completely stupid, idiotic, retarded and, simply put, fucking dumb! Now, I will say it again, if you have the possibility, to these with your friends. I have no option but to do these setups with strangers, random players that keep on dying on me. I will just give you one instance that drove me mad to extremes having me throw my controller into the wall and almost threw me on the verge of crying. Took my day off from any other activity and just waited for the night to come to go to bed. I feel terrible for my breakdown, because that scared my girlfriend and in no way possible does she deserve to see me like this, but you'll soon understand what got me into this state. I've been trying to do a finale for more than a week now having trying to do it for about 15 times in total. In this heist you need to infiltrate the prison, get a 5 star wanted level and help some character escape that looks almost identical with Walter from Breaking Bad - might as well be a reference, haven't seen the show. Two players need to infiltrate the prison, one other player needs to steal a plane and prepare it for the grand escape, while the fourth player needs to get their hands on a Buzzard helicopter and shoot rockets into the police cars and helicopters following us. The first two players involved in the prison break need to play as guard and inmate. In all these 15 or so trials I've always been the prisoner. So I always took the hardest role in the hole heist. I'm only given a pistol and then you have to fight through waves of NOOSE soldiers and cops to get the guy out of prison. I had to loot all the dead bodies for ammo for their superior weapons and so each time I built my own little arsenal. Each. Fucking. Time the other two retards would either comit suicide on their way to taking the plane/helicopter or would simply crash it. It's the easiest thing in the whole heist. Take a plane/helicopter and run. That's it. Each and every time they would fucking blow it up. Never did I die, which is even more infuriating. There were moments when we got to reach the plane and went into it, but the Buzzard player would try shoot missiles at a police car near a plane and explode it, or a NOOSE van would ram the plane and fuck it up! But then there was THE MOMENT, THE MOMENT, when all things came along just as planned and we managed to escape and police was not a threat anymore as the plane took off and lost the heat. We were all on the plane having the Buzzard follow us. Right in that moment the controller died on me as it went out of battery. The screen went black with a message telling me to reconnect. I died. I quickly attached the USB cable to my laptop and connected the controller to recharge. It was, but it wouldn't talk to the PS4. The ugly thing is that my consoles are behind the desk - it's hard to explain, but simply put they are very hard to reach. I had to drag the desk and plug the charging cable into the PS4. Phew. Solved the issues. The screen went back to the game and what was I looking at? Me, the Guard and the Pilot together with the person we had to help escape jumped off the plane and had to land with our parachutes on a beach where the Buzzard had to wait for us so we would get into it and leave with no footsteps behind. Quickly released the parachute right above the water. One second more and I would have hit the water so hard I would have died. Yep, GTA is that intense now. It was all going well again. It was perfect. So close to finishing it. That when a player dove right into the Buzzard's propeller and committed suicide. A shiver down my spine took control of me and I almost went blind, but it was wise of me to put the difficulty on Normal for the whole heist. The player had one more life to spare. He was spawned back into the session somewhere uphill. I was so relieved. The only thing he had to do was climb down the hill and get into the Buzzard. But he jumped. And died again. I only pray you can relate with what I went through. This huge deception of thinking I was done with it while I was so wrong. 

I decided I should take a break from my 120 level female character. Build a male character and get him to 120 as well, hoping that by the time I reach that level with him, players will be more accustomed to these missions and stop screwing things up for others, because it hurts so much to know you've wasted so many hours in a game with no progress whatsoever time in which I could have done something else and more productive... That's why I insist, if you can, do your best and play with competent people. It's sad, though, how many people have no choice... But that's it... We'll all get past it one way or another... :) 

Other games I've been playing lately is Super Mario 3D Land, which is a gem of a game. Finished the Story Mode so to speak and now I'm tackling the challenges. A really fun game and my first 3DS game for that matter - fantastic device, can't wait to get my hands on some more games. I'm quite lucky I got my hands on one this far in its lifespan, because all the best and old titles are now dead cheap and I can get a mouthful of them in a heartbit, but I'm hesitating as I've got tons of work to do in this period of time, so I better don't surround myself with distracting opportunities, hehe. 

On the PS Vita I'm still going crazy with Muramasa The Demon Blade. If you haven't played that up to this point it's a must buy. I bought the whole DLC pack recently. It features 4 more characters with short stories compared to the main two characters, but even so I still have yet to finish all the things I can do with the first character in the pack as when you finish the main story you are being set free to kill all the other bosses of the other characters and can tackle all the challenges of the game and if you beat the main boss of the respective character again, you'll access a different ending. So it's pretty much 60-90 hours of gameplay per character and all for around $10 or less. I don't remember exactly. 

On mobile (LG G3 - 2GB RAM) I have tons of fun with Tiny Tower Vegas and at times the NDS and PSP emulators. On the NDS I keep playing the New Super Mario Bros. title while on the PSP I got the 7th entry in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force series. Funny thing is that this game was only released in Japan, but some fans hack the .iso and fan-translated it into English - really neat! :D 

What games have you played lately? What games would you recommend others? 


Batman No Background by Animixter
I've been closely watching Ian's evolution for the past years, I could say, ever since puddlefisher first introduced me to him - from linworks to shades and recently to very beautiful soft shades, his skills are on the rising continuously. Therefore I highly advise you to take a look yourselves through his gallery and +devWATCH him for even more!

Have a look at some of his artworks down below! :) 

Nightwing Wallpaper by Animixter

Art Trade of Reno for Mrs-Wazowski21 by Animixter

Kaguya Commission by Animixter

Kyo OC by Animixter

Naruto Original Character Commission by Animixter

Red Hood Wallpaper by Animixter

Goodbye and take care, fellow watchers!

Keep in touch for more tasty news!



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Thank you so much for the llama!
Catgirldstr11 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Hi AW08! I hope you are having an amazing time in London town! I wanted to ask you, are you planning on keeping commissions open throughout the summer? There's something I REALLY want to send you, but I'm still waiting on a reference before I can!

Also, I know you're insanely busy, my friend Mrs--Hatake and I just wanted to let you know that we're hosting a contest and felt like it would be rude not to personally invite you!

AW08 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hi there! :la: I had a great time, although it was one day trip. Had to solve some juridical matters, but I spent the rest of the day meeting there with a high school friend and visited places. The worst thing was the fact that we traveled the city by foot and my soles hurt as if they were peeled and cut opened, literally. Never in my life had I felt that much pain. But I plan to revisit, of course. Another downside was the coach takes 5 hours to get from Manchester to London, so 10 hours I've been on the road. 

Anyways, I've goten off-path, haha. Yes, I will be open for commissions even during summer, so you can send me your request any time you'd like to. As for the contest that's really nice of you for having taken me into consideration. Without doubt I'll take the time to participate, especially since there's plenty of time. :) Thank you for letting me know! 
Catgirldstr11 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
London on foot?! OUCH. That place is HUGE. Last time I was there I was too much of a baby to even do a complete walk-through of the zoo. I'm so glad you had a good time though!!! Your new profile pic is so cool!

And yay! I hope I'll be noting you in a week or two! It's another game screen shot. >=] And also thank you for your consideration about the contest! We're so honored!
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Thanks for the :iconllama3dplz:
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