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Michael Raphael
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I'm a (check at the top of the profile) years old artist. I was summoned on the 21st of 1994's November. I'm interested in the digital arts and gaming industry. I game a lot. I love watching gaming podcasts such as Bonus Round, Invisible Wall and EpicBattleCry and also keeping in touch with all the gaming news. I'm also a gadget whore.

My main purpose here is to improve as much as possible!

Something else I enjoy doing is being part of the dA community and visit the profiles of many deviants here. This way I can discover lots of awesome artists I can learn a lot from. On this journey I always take my time giving a llama to each account I visit symbolizing a 'Thumbs up!', 'Keep it up!' or 'Welcome on dA!'. :aww:
I'm aware of your gratitude. That makes me happy and I'd like you to know you're all welcome! It's all my pleasure to cheer you, guys.

I may not reply to all your comments, but I always read them and I'm doing my best in getting the necessary time to reply. :thanks:

Enjoy your staying on my profile! Thank you all for all of your support! I truly appreciate it! =D


Mostly it depends on the clients themselves, which I will, of course, be asking for permission, before anything else, but I would like to know the general opinion - would you like me to state the price of each commission in the submission title?
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[#3] [SNote5] - Denied Selfness by AW08
[#3] [SNote5] - Denied Selfness
This one's pretty straight forward, at least graphically. We seek happiness through others, but forget we are the only ones responsible for our happiness. Once we cut out through this truth we are set free, since our misconception does not fit in.
[#2] [SGNote5] - Inheritance by AW08
[#2] [SGNote5] - Inheritance
Second doodle done in Sketchbook Pro on Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I might as well start a series - this is way too fun!

Mostly it depends on the clients themselves, which I will, of course, be asking for permission, before anything else, but I would like to know the general opinion - would you like me to state the price of each commission in the submission title? 

6 deviants said *comment*
What up, guys? In for some huge arse journal? Good. 

I've been off for quite some time, but not really. University work comes tougher than ever, while I tackle coloring commissions from :iconriv3th3d: and :iconrtenzo: and at times personal commissions as well. I do find some time to put on my personal projects, but that only happens once in a while. I will start detailing below what I've been doing since my last journal entry to keep you up to date. It is also my birthday and I'm taking this chance to also deeply thank everyone for all their wishes! I appreciate it guys!


Things didn't go too well with my attempt at starting a Patreon campaign from a series of unfortunate reasons and I'm considering bringing some exclusive contents from there over here soonish.

Patreon is not for everyone and I realized that the hard way after sacrificing a ton of my time. I take full responsibility for not being able to dedicate 100% of my time as many do and it's mainly my fault for not being able to engage individuals to support me. Given the low number of patrons it was much easier to see and spot those practicing something that the broken design of the website allows people to do. I had many patrons subscribe for one day, look at my content and in the same day disappear. And I know for a fact I am not the only one. Tons of 1-day-patrons are doing that to many content creators each and every day. Tried to reach out to Patreon's CEO to explain to him his platform's problem, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't find a way to. 

I've taken some really intelligent tips from :iconrtenzo: - create a password protected tumblr accound with passwords that change each month after the patrons have been charged. If you join mid month you can either wait till the next password change or pay a fee in advance directly to me. Did that, but on the long run it was tiring and it also made me realize it's all turning into a corporatism mechanic and it just won't work. If I am unable to stir the interest into potential patrons I should just be stopping all along. 

This campaign started as a means to help me get to draw the art I and others wanted me to do, in exchange for a some bucks that could help me with my expenses so I don't worry about them while I'm at it.

I want to thank everyone who have successfully supported me on Patreon!

Shō Kokumin no Dokuro

Tons of creative processes have been undergone to build upon the story. The way I do it is not by writing them down. I somehow remember them all, because I am very sucked into what I'm doing. I'm really involved into what I'm creating and most of the scenarios I develop, create from scratch and improve upon is by listening to tons and tons of music (Rammstein, Caliban, Soilwork, Disturbed, Trivium, OSTs from different games etc.). There are a few black metal tracks, but not too many as I'm not a huge fan of that genre.

A way music is influencing the way I develop my story are, for instance, some instrumentals with male choirs and female choirs that I've got. I use those for contextualizing the fight between two types of characters - I will need to explain this thoroughly. Some characters are able to procedurally generate - is this term allowed outside the gaming industry?? - living flesh from their own. I have not set the limits to this, but I will give these characters to make colosal living beings from the flesh they create. Some characters are able to generate male beings and others only female beings. These beings are unable to speak, they can only scream their pain of being incomplete and lacking a valid purpose in life as this is what would make these beings humane, therefore their cries sound like those choirs in epic OSTs some movies or games have. Such tracks help me envision a deep choreography and contextualized plots that give significance to those battles. The number of these characters is scarce and those characters are well defined into the world. You won't be seeing random characters with this ability appear out of nowhere. I don't want to give more details, because that would spoil things up. 

Amerille (left) extending her living flesh abilities

I have recently changed the name from Kodomo no Dokuro (Children of the Skull) to Shō Kokumin no Dokuro (Rising Generation/Children of the Skull, because the latter makes much more sense and I have practiced some logo although I don't really like it, but I wanted to have a go at it, because I really need a logo by now. 

Attempt at first logo, although it's too thin and complicated. I'm favoring a blocky design.

If you follow me on Tumblr you might know these sketches. It's been ages since I had these scenes in my head and I was craving to have a final design for Oliver. Oliver is a very complicated character as far as his description goes: 

Upon giving up on his love interest, due to lack of self confidence and acknowledgment of her love interest's potential, the girl meets her death in circumstances strongly linked to the one she loved. Blinded by remorse and hatred, Oliver retrieves her corpse from the morgue and conserves it in order to replicate her face in the form of a steel mask he would later burn onto his face. After years of self-isolation and after having completed his prior researches, Oliver crawls out of his hiding to exact his revenge.


"My identity is useless to you and your life span within these circumstances. I would much rather you ask me what I want or how you can help me, Mr. Officer." 

Then there is also this...

“There’s no thought that could encapsulate my state of existence right now. I cannot fathom to put into words what I have become. I cannot hear my thoughts, yet I feel them through each and every soul trapped in my flesh and yours. I couldn’t feel anything before, but now I truly gave in and let myself engulfed in nothingness. My consciousness has expanded on a larger scale. Is this what it feels like to be dead?’’

I will not be getting into details with the scan above until I won't have the panels done for this story. This statement brings me to the way I want to tackle this project. I won't have the time needed to develop a full fledged manga, but I will provide sequences of the story with meaningful events, maybe not in a chronological order, but sequences of pages and panels will still happen and it will be something like this prologue I've been working on:

Giving some more insight on what this project is, I will state that this has deep roots within strong past experience. All the horrible traits I've discovered in the people I met in all these years will be reproduced here to some extent. I will have most of the events that negatively impacted my life, and probably won't go away until I die, analogically linked to similar contexts. One character may resemble the traits of a couple persons. It won't be on spot. Appearances - genders will be changed and many times the looks of the characters are inspired by people I randomly see on the street and think they look cool. I'm like "That guy looks neat. Imma make him a character!''. Had someone suggesting I'm making my own universe where I'm punishing those who have wronged me. I could. But I don't. I will glorify them instead as I'm really appreciative of their behavior - that's the . They are mere material to me, material I plan to use to bring you a sense of unexpliccable frustration. You will hate my characters. There is nothing to like about it. But hopefully it'll keep you engaged to the story and thirsty to find more about it. 

This is a lifetime project and it won't go away. 

Fun fact: After finally realizing what I had in mind for Oliver's design, I was so sucked into it while walking down the street, a car getting out of a fix-it garage slowly poked into me with its rear. I need to be freaking careful if I want to get this done, LOL!


I updated the Naruto collective illustration sketch with a few more characters and due to heavy nostalgia I sketched Vice City's Tommy Vercetti partying along with Michael Jackson!

With the latter I need to change the pose - it feels dull. Of course, I didn't have too much time to put into it. I'm thinking of having them seat on a comfy coach in Malibu Club and color it all nicey, hehe.

For the most part that's it. Thanks for reading and take care! Also, thanks once more for all the good wishes - I'm working on replying you all! :wave:



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